- ŠUMA PLAN d.o.o. enterprise was founded in January 2005. as an association with limited resposibility that was registered in county court of Banjaluka No. 1-14818-00 .

- The founders and the owners of this company are TOPIĆ (VASILIJA) DUŠKO and ŠAJINOVIĆ (OBRAD) STEVO engineers of forestry.

- The company employs 8 workers ( 7 with university diplomas ) and 2 associate experts who are specialists in domain of forest exploitation and planning, as well as they are in domain of standardization , normative scales ,   calculations and forest industry.

- The company is hiring around 40 workers during the March-October period , where more than 60% of workers have university diplomas, and 3-5 workers have different specializations in domain of forest planning and forest geodesy.

- The company owns a license for planning in domain of forestry (license number : 04-332-2479/05 ) issued by Ministry of Agriculture , Water – Management and Forestry of Republic of Srpska and license number 06-26-261/06 issued by Federal Ministry of Agriculture , Water – Management and Forestry, as well as license for planning forest communication infrastructure ( license number 2812/06 ) issued by Ministry of Interior, Civil Engineering and Environment of Republic of Srpska

- The company owns a certificate of compatibility with standards ISO 9001:2000 in domain of planning and project development in forestry, hunting  and other biotechnical activities ( No. 75.100.50129 ) issued by TUV Rheinland InterCert .

 The company’s working domain:

- Creation of  basis for forest stewardship ( for state-owned forests , privately- owned forests , military- owned forests, national parks etc. )

- Creation of  hunting exploitative basis and other projects in domain of hunting , such as : planning of hunting area , hunting facilities , monographs on sustainable hunting areas etc.

- Planning forest communications ( forest truck roads , bridges , tractor paths etc.). Making monographs on forest primary and secondary road networks.

- Planning parks, defensive forests , green surfaces around apartments, factories etc., defensive green areas around highways and other road networks.

- Making projects in domain of protection of forests, protection of nature and human environment etc.Beside dealing with planning , the company deals with other aspects such as :
- Forest cultivation ( field preparation for afforesting , protection of forests)

- Exploitation of forest , cutting and export of wooden assortments.

- Horticulture ( production of seedlings and seeding material, planting tree lined paths, maintaining of green surfaces etc.)

List of references :

- During the year of 2005 the company used to work on gathering of taxation data and on creation of basis for forest stewardship for state-owned forests and  privately- owned forests in municipalities : Šekovići, Kotor Varoš, Višegrad, Nevesinje, Gacko, Bosanski Brod,Jezero,Ribnik, Petrovo and Han Pijesak; furthermore in 2006. for municipalities : Šekovići, Kotor Varoš, Višegrad, Nevesinje, Gacko, Bosanski Brod,Jezero,Ribnik, Petrovo and Han Pijesak; and finally in 2007. and 2008. in municipalities : Trebinje, Ljubinje Srebrenica, Berkovići, Modriča, Srbac, Donji Žabar.

- Working on second state inventory of forests in Republic of Srpska which is being conducted in 2007.,2008. and 2009.( Digitalizing of charts and creation of  location measuring points in GIS project of ArcGis 9 , gathering and inputting  field data into an appropriate server) .

- Supervision of making basis for forest stewardship for private - owned forests of Tuzla canton.

- Craetion of basis for forest stewardship for state - owned forests in Montenegro for GJ »Župa Pivska«, »Planina Pivska«, »Voloder«, »Potkovač«, »Duga Crnovrh« and »Javorak Vojnik« in 2007/08, and G.J. »Župa-Štitova«, »Bijela gora«, »Vojnik-Brezna« i Bijela gora« in  2009. as well.

- Creation of Cost-benefit analysis in justification for including Prokletija into fifth national park of Montenegro

- Apart from previously mentioned contracts , the company was engaged in planning of forest communications ,  providing geodetic services in domain of forestry , providing consulting services in domain of ecology and environmental preservation, projects of green surfaces in cities etc.

- Previously mentioned contracts were finished on territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be more precise they were finished for  municipalities previously mentioned, and for companies from public sector of forestry , as well as for private companies which are providing services in domain of cultivation, preservation and exploitation. These contracts were conducted as well on territory of Montenegro for following contractors : Montenegro’s Department of Forestry and Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

- All basis for forest stewardship were accepted  from Ministry of Agriculture , Water – Management and Forestry of Republic of Srpska in accordance with paragraph 33. of Forestry Law No. 66/03 and with element and content regulation book SPO No.25/94. They were also accepted from municipality departments and from the authorized  Ministries in Government of Montenegro.

- On previously mentioned contracts , only experts with appropriate licenses were being engaged

- The creation of basis for forest stewardship was based on scientific methodology which is accepted by law regulations of forestry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in other European countries.

-In methodology of creation of basis , all forest inventorying with method of sample based on mathematic-statistic achievements were being used , as well as achievements and experiences in domain of charting.

Working experiences of employees and associate experts

- Leading architects and managers in several dozens of projects on basis for forest stewardship for state-owned forests and privately- owned forests in ex-Yugoslav territory.

- Creation of several operational projects in domain of exploitation, cultivation and preservation of forests.

- Creation of project EKO-zone »PARK ŠUMA« Gozna which have won numerous international exhibition recognitions.

- Creation of numerous financial-production projects for forest companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- Creation of normative scales and calculations in domain of forestry.

- Managing and planning contracts in domain of forest industry.

- Expert opinion on court in domain of forestry and forest industry.

- Participation in teams for reconstruction and transformation of ownership in domain of forestry , as well as participation in implementation of such transformations.

- Digitalizing of charts with GIS technologies for municipalities and forest managements.

- Planning forest road networks and creation of justification monographs.

- Creation of Cost – benefit analysis.

- Experience in planning and construction in forestry on territory of Africa and Asia ( Gabon, Liberia , Libya and Iran )

- Experience in domain of pedology and typology chartings of forest vegetation and forest soil.

- Experience in administration and legal procedures in domain of forestry and forest industry.

- Experience in managing of forest companies on executive level.

Equipment :

The company owns more than 20 sets of equipment needed for field-taxation data collecting (GPS , Vertex hypsometers, compasses , clinometers etc.)

- Equipment for planning forest communications ( Total station and the auxiliary equipment)

- Several modern computers

- Software for processing of taxation data for basis for forest stewardship ( for state-owned forests and privately- owned forests )

- GIS program ( ArchView 9,  MapInfo Professional 9.0,Autodesk Map 6)

- Program for creation of financial-production plans and operational-executive projects.

- Programs for road communications projects, charts etc.

- Off-road vehicles and equipment

Remark :

- The company is available for all aspects of cooperation and partership with scientific and project organisations and individuals that are based on mutual benefit.

- The company «ŠUMA PLAN« doo possesses all necessary expert and business capacities needed for planning in forestry, forest industry, environmental protection and financial analysis.